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To Order Faye's DVD call her at 610-220-8572.


Escape To Bliss DVD $15 Plus shipping


Director & Founder of Art & Soul Yoga


Early life for Faye was dancing, gymnastics and creating art.

After a serious knee injury at the age of 16, she went in the direction of art and majored in Fashion Illustration at Syracuse University. Receiving a BFA, she became an Art Director and Illustrator.


Faye was diagnosed with Fibromyalga in 1999 which left her in constant pain and little or no energy. She discovered Kripalu Yoga which helped her alleviate most of the debilitating symptoms of the Fibromyalgia. In 2001 she opened Art & Soul Yoga to share the miracle of Yoga and it's healing benefits to as many people as she could.

Osteo arthritis lead to a total hip replacement in 2005 and  a total knee replacement in 2009.  She is completely healed and back to all the activities including Yoga and Pilates while teaching 25 classes per week.   Through Kripalu Yoga, DansKinetics, Yamuna Body Rolling and IMX Pilates she has succeeded in alleviating most of the painful symptoms of these conditions. She has devoted the last 16 years teaching others to move and listen to their body gently so they can heal, increase energy, decrease pain, sleep better, decrease stress and anxiety, and improve their total well-being. Her mantra is "Move to the place that feels DELICIOUS!"

Sharing this gift is one of the many reasons she founded Art and Soul Yoga in 2001 and IM=X Pilates Blue Bell IN 2009.

Most recently She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and successfully recovered from the ordeal especially using yoga to get through. 

Her many certifications include:


  •  200+hr. Certified Yoga Teacher- Paula Tepidino, Energy Center

  •  IMX Pilates - Mat and Reformer- IMX Pilates NYC

  •  Kids Yoga - Next Generation Yoga - Jodi Korimar

  •  DansKinetics - Kripalu Shake Your Soul - Dan Leven

  •  Yamuna Body Rolling - Yamuna Zake

  •  Mamaste Prenatal Yoga - Karen Prior, RYT

  •  Baby Om - Mommy & Baby Yoga-Laura Staton

  • Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis-Nation MS Society

  • Yoga for Parkinson's & Movement Disorders- Renee Le Verrier

  •  YOGA-4-Cancer-Yoga for Cancer Survivor- Y4C -Tari Prinster

  •  Yoga for Fibromyalgia - National Fibromyalgia Society

  • Art & Yoga - Hari Kirin-Art &Yoga

  • Yoga & Art for the Aging Population

  • Pilates For Neurological Disorders/MS , Parkinson's




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