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Private Art Lessons & Gallery

Faye's Art Gallery

1 hour sessions $50 - $85 per hour

In person, Socially distanced with Mask,

or Virtually on Skype, zoom, or FaceTime.

Small group class:
1.5-hour session $40 per person (min.4) + materials

Virtual painting parties offered


Classes offered:

Drawing Basics
Figure Drawing

Fashion Illustration
Fashion Design
Still Life
Oil Painting : Landscape or portraits

Acylic Painting
College Portfolio Prep

Art Classes
Private Art class with masks
Virtual Fashion Illustration Class
Faye Rose, BFA


Faye’s portraits can be found in corporate America as well as private residences. She has traveled to France,Italy, Hawaii, Mexico and Costa Rica and brings the colors and essence of these beautiful places into her paintings. “Capturing the soul of the subject on canvas is the ultimate job of the artist.”Her portraits of people have become treasured keepsakes that will last more than a lifetime.  Her ‘pet portraits’ reflect her love of animals and her ability to make her paintings come to life. Whether it’s a Pop Art, Impressionistic or a Classical painting, Faye’s talent becomes reality in her artwork.


Faye studied with international portrait artist Nelson Shanks at Studio Incamminati, Charles Schmit at Tyler School of Art,  The Pennsylvania Academy of Art, Marvin Matheson, Woodmere Art Museum, Mimi Oritski, Anna Rhodes, Carol Watanabe, Moore College of Art and she received her BFA from Syracuse University.


Living in the Western suburbs of Philadelphia, Faye teaches workshops for aspiring artists. Her workshop series entitled ‘Artists in Bloom’ helps those with a ‘seed’ of artistic ability to ‘grow’ to their potential.



Artist in Bloom


There is the seed of an artist in everyone. Some of us have started blooming while others have always had the desire to give life to the creative painter deep inside. In our classes,  Faye will show you how to take action on that desire to paint while nurturing, feeding and blossoming  that artist in you. Her courses will help you burst and bloom with creativity. If you've been painting all your life and want to give new life to the painter you already are, come and take a workshop and watch the transformation.

Do You or your child love art?


If you or your child loves to draw and paint and shows real talent?  Are they working toward getting into the art field and majoring in art? Are they working on their portfolio? Do you feel that your child would benefit from one-on-one personalized training helping them develop their talent?

Here's a chance to develop their skills in the subject that they love.

Place them in an environment dedicated to teaching young people the fundamental elements of art.

Our Philosophy begins with a sound approach to understanding the foundations of drawing and painting. By teaching students fundamental concepts, they will begin to understand the process and components that go towards creating a strong work of art.

Private lessons and small group classes being given.


Adults:  Do you love to paint or always wanted to try it? Learn the basics of drawing and Painting. Are you already a painter but need a mentor to help you get the the next level? Try  private classes or group workshops.




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