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Yoga & Pilates

Teacher Training


This course is intended to teach Yoga instructors* to safely guide their pregnant students through a healthy and active combination Prenatal Yoga & Pilates class. Teachers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of the pregnant woman.


In Delicious Prenatal Yoga & Pilates teacher training Faye adapts Hatha Yoga and Mat Pilates for the needs of pregnant women, providing a system that works with the pregnant body without sacrificing the intensity  needed to prepare for this journey of Pregnancy and childbirth. This unique approach to prenatal Yoga & Pilates gives pregnant women the opportunity to safely remain active and challenged during their pregnancy. The strengthening that occurs in this Delicious Yoga & Pilates practice prepares the necessary muscles for labor and childbirth. The result of linking breath and movement is shorter labor, less pain, and fewer interventions. Learning Delicious Prenatal Yoga & Pilates  greatly increases the ability for women to work with their bodies, increasing the likelihood of a more natural and joyous birth experience.


This prenatal yoga teacher training is unique in that Faye’s experience in both yoga and Pilates for special needs communities gives her the ability to teach much more than just prenatal yoga.


Faye integrates techniques to allow women to get in touch with their bodies and the sensations they feel. These techniques are immensely powerful in labor to help change the fearful negative perception many women have about birth.

She trains students to help them find their strength and power while surrendering and focusing during yoga.  

Faye’s personal experience with Yoga for healing illnesses has given her the insight to integrate her yoga & pilates exercises for the expectant mamma. She uses breathing & relaxation techniques to help her students have the best pregnancy journey possible.

You will also be prepared if a pregnant student walks into your regular class. Be able to modify and make your class safe for that student.

This course provides 12 Yoga Alliance CEUs

Our Comprehensive Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training includes:

Complete guide to teaching Yoga and Pilates to    pregnant women.

Creating a safe class

Understanding the pregnant body

Setting the scene for your class

Getting to know your participants

Administration – release and history forms

Relaxation and breathing techniques

21 safe Yoga postures and Pilates exercises  

 Pelvic anatomy and kegel exercises

Partner poses

Special guided relaxation for the expectant mom

Faye's Full Delicious Yoga & Pilates DVD

Yoga for common pregnancy discomforts

Common pregnancy health concerns and          precautions.

Option for continuing mentorship

* For those in the childbirth field (Doulas, Midwives, etc) who would like to attend this training, please feel free to join in the class and be advised of the following:

  • This course is designed for people who are already certified yoga instructors or have been doing their own yoga practice and therefore possess knowledge of yoga poses and yoga philosophy.

  • There will not be extra time spent teaching basic poses. It is assumed that students will already possess this knowledge.

  • Doulas and midwives are welcome to take the class and teach with our certificate.

Aime High Yoga Studio

August 12-13

Saturday August 12, 11:30-7:00pm

Sunday August 13, 11:30-7:00pm

3015 West Germantown Pike,

Fairview Village, PA 19403

Cost $450. 



Verge Yoga Center

August 25-27

Friday August 25,  5:00- 9:00pm

Saturday August 12, 12:00-5:00pm

Sunday August 13,  12:00-5:00pm

Cost $450. 

Verge Yoga Center
250 W Lancaster Ave. 
Wayne, PA 19087


Testimonials from graduates: 

"I had the opportunity to take Faye's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in October of 2018. Faye provided each one of her student's with their own Prenatal Yoga Teacher booklet, which came complete with not only a detailed breakdown of each pose/exercise, but explained the benefits of each pose as it relates to pregnancy throughout each trimester. Faye also incorporated vital information about the stages/changes happening to your body during pregnancy, and provided student's with different modifications available to teach for each pose. After reading through the booklet together as a group, Faye was able to answer any questions each student had informatively and gave real-life examples. Faye then took us through a complete Prenatal workout, to be able to experience the poses/exercises ourselves and feel the difference when modifying. Faye's prenatal yoga class is unique in that it is designed on research-based yoga poses and Pilates exercises specifically geared to help pregnant women both during and after their pregnancy. I have been teaching "Delicious Prenatal Yoga" ever since and have loved every minute of it! I would definitely recommend taking this training if you are thinking about becoming certified. I would also recommend experiencing Faye's prenatal yoga class before, during and post pregnancy. 
"Faye’s Delicious Prenatal Yoga training for certified teachers offers a nurturing and intelligent practice for expecting mothers. Faye’s experience combined with her gentle and positive-energy personality make this a worthwhile training course, brimming with useful tips! The course is designed to incorporate research on exercise during pregnancy to understand and accommodate the changes of the prenatal body, hands-on class experience, and practice of a safe and empowering routine that prepares body and mind for labor." Carissa


"Upon completion of Faye’s Delicious Prenatal Yoga Training, I immediately began teaching prenatal yoga classes in my community, as well as supplemental at Faye’s IM=X Pilates & Yoga Studio in Blue Bell. Faye offered observation and valuable feedback to encourage my growth and confidence as a prenatal yoga instructor. I would recommend her training course for any interested yoga teachers and I recommend her Delicious Prenatal Yoga classes to any new moms-to-be!"

Jennifer B. 

"I took Faye's Prenatal teacher training this past year. The training was informative, fun and thorough. I learned so much about the women's anatomy, pregnancy and the effects and benefits of doing prenatal yoga throughout your pregnancy. The training prepared me to feel confident in conducting my own class and I learned with confidence how to explain each pose and why it is helpful to the mind and body. There is also a huge difference between a prenantal yoga class and a regular yoga class that I had never anticipated. Learning the differences between the two and understanding how to lead prenatal was really exciting. I would highly recommend this training to anyone and everyone!" Lauren K.

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