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The Magic of Painting.



Soul Art is a magical, creative process that teaches you to connect with and trust your spirit and insights, and get in touch with your creativity.

No art experience is necessary.

Soul Art reveals your path to transformation through profound inner guidance.

 Soul Art gently teaches you to trust your intuition as your own transformation, clarity, and healing unfolds. Your Soul Art journey can be a powerful transformational process.


It's time to follow your inward path and discover a new you.

The world is in a profound state of transformations and your creativity is critical.

Expand into a greater version of you.

Discover the hidden messages in your body and soul. 

Bring your new self into form through art.

We will use a 5 step process to uncover hidden insights.

Who do you want to be when you emerge from these past events in your life?

I'd love to take you on a soul art journey. Create magic, under the guidance of Faye Rose, Artist & Yogi. 

What are the benefits of a Soul Art Workshop?

• Discover & clarify dreams & wishes

• Identify where you are blocked and        show you insights

• Resolve life challenges

• Create a more abundant life filled with

 Love, Purpose and Meaning

• Access your personal source of wisdom

• Find answers to questions you have  about important areas of your life

• Clarify how to move forward with clear  and  simple steps to create the changes  you most  deeply desire


Watch Slide Show:

Each student will create her/his own Soul Art with compassionate & loving guidance from Faye. 


The Soul Art Journey consists of these five steps:

1. Intention- You will be given specific questions that help guide and direct the purpose of your Soul Art journey.

2. Bodymapping – you will be guided in tracing parts or all of your body as a framework for your Soul Art.

3. Soul Art Creation –  You will begin your Soul Art with your body tracing. You can use a combination of media such as collage, markers, and/or paints.

4. Insight –  You decode any messages your spirit is trying to tell you through your art. You will be guided to have a dialogue with your art to uncover your insights.

5. Spirit Action – You will now take the insights gained from your Soul Art and turn them into tangible and verifiable action.

 The Soul Art process becomes a journey of transformation that can be applied to your life and your art.

This process can be applied to any area of your life. Relationships, Career, Health & Dreams. 

Our Soul Art workshop will begin at 1:00pm and end at 4:00 pm.  Please wear comfortable clothes you can paint in!  Have water and snacks available. 


Be prepared to let go, dream big, and have FUN!

"My experience in creating my unique Soul Art piece was more relaxing and therapeutic than I had initially imagined it would be. My whole life, I had been told that I wasn't a very good drawer/painter/"artist" in general. This class made me realize that everyone has their own creative outlet and reflects this on their version of their personal "art". Art is not defined as "good" or "bad", it is an expression of oneself. This experience opened my mind up to further exploring my creative outlet through art. From the moment I walked into the workshop, Faye greeted me with excitement and enthusiasm. Faye welcomed each participant with drinks/snacks and a background/description of the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the explanation of the 5 steps of a soul art journey and the questions to help gather each individuals thought process in-order to dive into their creativity. Faye offered her guidance and praise and made me feel confident in my piece. Before I knew it, the time absolutely flew by and I had painted more of my white canvas than I had imagined! I had a wonderful time and left feeling satisfied and refreshed." Carissa

Faye Rose  has been creating art most of her life. She has a BFA from Syracuse University. She owns Art & Soul Yoga, and is devoted to healing people through Art & Yoga.

Becoming a Soul Art Facilitator has been a dream come true - meshing the magic of Art and the healing of Yoga to help people have the best lives possible.

My Story and how Soul Art transformed my life. I have been doing art my whole life. My earliest memory is coloring on the floor of our new house with a turquoise marker.  I basically made my way through school using art to get good grades. 

I majored in Fashion Illustration and Photography in college. After college, I painted a few times per year when I had a vacation or went on a painting workshop. But I felt very "stuck"  and "unsure" of what my direction for my art should be.  There were periods when I did not paint for years at a time....and felt guilt and shame for not using the "talent" I know is inside me.  I was really STUCK in so many ways when I started Soul my art, and in my life.

 During the first Body Mapping Soul Art project, I received deep insights into my true wishes, feelings, and needs.

The messages I received from the Body Map were from my higher self, my SOUL.  After the completion of that project, I set up a studio in my home and started painting! I was painting almost every day for months after that! 

A true miracle for me.  I had never painted consistently for any prolonged period of time.   I also transformed many other areas in my life through these Soul Art  journeys. Whenever I feel stuck or blocked, Soul Art helps me access my inner voice/higher self.  I am now inspired to continue painting, exhibit and sell my work, and teach Soul Art help others find their authentic selves and create the lives they truly want!


"I really wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is reassuring to have a motto/plan of action/intention going into this next phase of my life. I was pleased that my body map was a visual representation of my intention. It was clear they went hand in hand. I believe both will be useful ways to maintain confidence and forge through the upcoming challenges with a positive confidence." Jessica

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